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Looking for any kind of help to run your startups or business?

About Us

we are a entrepreneurship based platform ,providing knowledge of change makers, social entrepreneurs , small business and innovations. we increase the digital reach of brands and help them receive the recognition they deserve

Vision & Mission

we believe that story matters and keeping this in mind we want to build a platform for all those startups that need and are worth recognizing we aim to bring the limelight multitude of untold startup stories.


our services


Influencer marketing

we can help you connect with a large network of our influencer in startup ecosystem can increase your brand reach on various social media easily.

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campaign management

we can run result-oriented campaign for your brands across all the social media platform. we take care of the whole process from planning to tracking and analytics, ensuring a positive result for you.


lead generation

from finding franchise partners to attracting participants for your upcoming workshop/seminars. we can help you to generate all kinds of potential leads for your  startup or business.