F Manoj Dhanda - Cloud Man Of India
Manoj Dhanda - Cloud Man Of India

Manoj Dhanda – Cloud Man Of India

Manoj Dhanda – Cloud Man Of India

Meet Mr. Manoj Dhanda, an extraordinary man with a big dream. He started with just ₹5000, an old computer, and a small 10×10 sqft room. But today, his company, UTHO, is worth over ₹250 crore! Let’s dive into his inspiring story.

Mr. Dhanda started his journey in 2010 with a web hosting company, but later on he saw some tech gaps in the Indian cloud industry, and he saw this as an opportunity, not a problem.

In 2018, he launched “Utho,” India’s first cloud platform, with a vision to remove all the cloud challenges that businesses face with traditional cloud providers.

What made Utho special was that it was super fast—faster than the big global cloud companies. This proved that India could be a leader in the cloud industry.

But Utho isn’t just about fancy technology. It’s about caring for customers like a mother cares for her children. This personal touch is what makes Utho different and shows how much Mr. Manoj cares about doing things right.

Mr. Manoj also believes in keeping India’s wealth in India. He says, “The world belongs to us.” This means we should use our Indian ideas and solutions to make the world better.

Now, his mission is to make sure every business can use the cloud.

His story teaches us that with hard work and a clear vision, dreams can come true, making the future brighter for everyone.


1 – What is Utho, and what does it offer?

Utho is India’s first cloud platform, formerly known as Microhost. It provides a range of cloud services and solutions to businesses, helping them overcome the challenges they face in the cloud and facilitating their growth.

2 – Who is Mr. Manoj Dhanda, and what is his role in Utho?

Mr. Manoj Dhanda is the visionary behind Utho. He started as a web hosting company entrepreneur in 2010 and later rebranded his company as Utho. He played a pivotal role in transforming a small budget and an old computer into a 250 crore rupee company.

3 – How did Mr. Manoj Dhanda’s journey inspire Utho’s mission?

Mr. Dhanda’s journey is a testament to perseverance and determination. His struggles and drive to succeed in the tech industry inspired Utho’s mission to empower businesses by tackling cloud challenges, supercharging India’s economy, and giving back to the business world.

4 – What is the significance of Utho’s launch in 2018?

In 2018, Utho, formerly Microhost, was launched, making waves in the tech world. It marked a significant milestone in Mr. Dhanda’s journey and brought new possibilities to businesses by addressing their cloud-related barriers.

5 – What lessons can we learn from Mr. Manoj Dhanda’s story?

Mr. Dhanda’s journey teaches us valuable lessons about perseverance, the importance of a clear vision, unwavering determination, and the belief that no dream is too big. It demonstrates that challenges are temporary and that with commitment, we can turn our dreams into reality, regardless of our starting point.

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