Warren Buffett's Strategy for Investing During a Recession 

Focus on Long-Term Investment Rather Than the Immediate Future

Buffett advises against obsessing over timing the market and instead focuses on long-term investments. Invest, observe, and consider a company's potential for the next 10 years before buying or selling its stock.


Buy More Stocks During a Recession

Buffett sees a recession as a chance to buy stocks at bargain prices, increasing potential returns. Buy more if prices fall further and hold patiently for long-term growth. Focus on an attractive purchase price rather than a high sale price.


Focus on Solid Businesses and Fundamentals Rather That Fad Stock

Buffett prefers investing in businesses with a strong foundation and consistent performance rather than relying on sudden market trends. He studies a company's annual reports and long-term strategy before investing, focusing on business performance rather than short-term market movements.