Convenience: UPI is very convenient as it allows users to transfer funds instantly, 24x7, and 365 days a year, without any restrictions on the amount or time of the day.

Accessibility: UPI is accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, as it does not require a smartphone or internet connectivity. One can use UPI through feature phones and even without an active data plan.

Security: UPI is considered to be one of the most secure payment systems as it uses two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires both a mobile phone and a UPI PIN to authorize a transaction.

Interoperability: UPI is interoperable, which means that it can be used across different banks and payment service providers (PSPs), making it easier for users to transact with each other.

The Indian government's Digital India initiative promotes UPI as a key component of a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. This has resulted in increased awareness and adoption of UPI among the masses.

Merchant Acceptance: The acceptance of UPI by merchants has increased significantly, making it easier for users to make payments using UPI at various merchants.

Lower Costs: The transaction costs of UPI are much lower compared to traditional payment methods such as credit cards, making it an attractive option for users.